Why Is Miami Heating Up? Reasons Why Americans Are Flocking To Miami

Every time a new poll or study comes out proclaiming the most exciting cities to be in, Miami is always, unsurprisingly, at the very top of the list. But for those who’ve not yet had a chance to visit, it’s easy to wonder what all the hype is about. Perhaps your view of the city comes from the crime and drama of old Hollywood movies, or you think everyone wears Hawaiian shirts and lounges at the beach all day. In that case, it’s time to update your stereotypes and brush up on what the Miami lifestyle is really like. Whether you’re thinking of a weekend trip, business trip, or long-term move, here’s why you won’t find a city that’s hotter than Miami – in every sense of the word. 

The weather, obviously.

When you think of Miami, pretty much the first thing that comes to mind is the weather. Take another popular city, New York, Boston, or Chicago– these are all undoubtedly great places to be with plenty to do. But when the days get shorter, the sun sets at 4pm, and the blizzard warnings start coming in, even the proudest New Yorker will long for some Miami sun. When it comes to climate, nothing beats the comfort of Miami’s subtropical setting. The weather is predictably perfect all year round, with bright and sunny beach weather in the summer, and winters that bring only slightly milder temperatures and a fresh breeze in the air.

The setting: city meets beach

To go with its glorious weather, Miami boasts over 20 miles of coastline with no shortage of idyllic beaches to soak up the summer sun. Each beach offers a totally unique vibe –  some are quiet and isolated for a perfect day of relaxation, some ideal for a day of family fun and watersport adventures, and others pulsating with the energy and action of partying beachgoers. 

And if getting sand in your hair and shoes every day isn’t for you, don’t worry. While the carefree, beachy vibe is certainly part of its charm, Miami equally encompasses the glitz and glamor of big city living. A glimpse at Miami’s skyline will prove that it is not just for beach bums. You’ll see an abundance of luxury homes and towering skyscrapers that transform the image of the city, with views rivaling any other, and even far more populated urban location. On top of that, the numerous restaurants and upscale dining spots, vibrant nightlife venues, high-end shopping, conferences, and festivals mean that when it comes to business or pleasure, Miami offers all the hallmarks and promises of city life. So expect to dip your toes in the sand by day, and by night throw on your high heels for a glamorous evening out on the town. 

The real estate 

The housing market in Miami has been absolutely on fire in the last year, with record levels of sales and prices being set across the counties. But it’s not just the number of properties being built, it’s their design that is truly astounding. Real estate development has transformed to the tastes of a high-end clientele, reaching a practically unattainable level of modern luxury and comfort. This has drawn a spike in buyers of multi-million dollar homes, from not just the US but across the world, creating an extremely elusive market which, as pricing increases and availability decreases, will become ever more lucrative. In fact, the market is so hot right now that any realtor will tell you there isn’t even time to stage a home anymore – before an open house can even begin, the bidding is already underway. So if you’re looking for a sign to get in on the action, don’t wait. Everyone else certainly isn’t. 

The freedom

During the pandemic, repeated and endless lockdowns left people in many states trapped at home, unable to go out anywhere, and bored out of their minds. But when other states closed their restaurants, bars, stores, and lives to COVID-19, Miami remained open for business. Indeed such an abundance of freedom is what attracted many New Yorkers and Californians to move to Miami in the peak of the pandemic. The desire to escape for a fresh dose of normality, in contrast to the gloomy restrictions back in their home states, was temptation enough.

 The fine dining 

Miami has always been a fascinating destination for the culinary curious, characterized by vibrant, diverse flavors and influences. But beyond the countless casual eateries, and for those who appreciate a more delicate plate, the boom of luxury homes and upscale crowds have brought even more interest in Miami’s fine dining establishments. So much so that Miami caught the eye of the world’s top food reviewers last year, who announced that they would be bringing the world-renowned Michelin Guide to Florida in 2022. This means that outstanding restaurants in Miami can compete for international prestige, and if they can impress the strictest of food critics – the Michelin inspectors – vie for the lucrative Michelin star designation. 

Still, while restaurants may have to wait a little longer for official Michelin recognition, you certainly don’t have to hold off on enjoying an extravagant dining experience in Miami. If refined French cuisine is your weakness, look no further than one of Miami’s best-known spots, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Run by long-time prodigés of the Michelin-starred namesake chef, the Miami location fuses the concepts of dynamic sushi counters in Japan with Spanish-style tapas service, to offer exquisite French dishes. If your tastes are a little more exotic, you’ll be keen to dine at the Matador Room, which blends old-money glamor with a menu that offers an eclectic blend of Latin American, Spanish, Caribbean and South American cuisine. Or if you’re feeling like a classic steak but with an upscale twist, you’ll want to sample the quality cuts at Bourbon Steak, or their sophisticated twists on local seafood favorites.

While these and the other numerous fine dining options in Miami offer a range of dishes and flavors, there is one common thread. The experiences offered are a feast for all senses, not least taste, with carefully-perfected concepts of interior design and ambiance that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. 

The new Silicon Valley

Back in the height of the pandemic, Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Delian Asparouhov tweeted light-heartedly about moving Silicon Valley to Miami, prompting the Miami Mayor to jokingly offer his help. It turns out, this wasn’t just silly, off-hand banter, but rather a premonition of what was to come. 

The last few pandemic years have seen the exodus of tech giants from the Bay Area and across California who, charmed by the city’s offerings, have opted to settle and build their companies in Miami. Major Silicon Valley players like Jack Abraham and Keith Rabois, flocked early from the golden state to the sunshine state, bringing with them an influx of talent, networking, business, and opportunity. Others soon followed and with no time wasted, this tech migration gave birth to new cutting-edge startups and businesses in Miami. With no signs of slowing down, as more and more talent, investment, and capital descends on the city, local economic development, innovation, and job growth is set to further flourish.

The Insta-worthy hotels

Just like with the expansion of luxury real estate, Miami has also seen a massive surge in new, trendy hotels catering to the young and vibrant crowd that the city attracts. Varying in innovative design and delicate feng shui, these hotels are begging to be flaunted on Instagram. From boutique hotels to massive resorts to luxury hotels, these places strike the perfect balance of extravagance, sophistication, and comfort. You’ll find every amenity you could dream of, and more – rooftop pools and bars to sip sangria from, modern meeting rooms and business lounges, poolside cabanas to unwind and tan, and state-of-the-art gyms and spas. What’s more, with many of these new hotels opening in pandemic times, COVID-19 health protocols have been seamlessly integrated into their design without the sacrifice of aesthetics or convenience. Thanks to efficient planning and the maximization of outdoor space, you can enjoy your trip without unnecessary worry.

The diversifying nightlife

While the rest of the world has witnessed the demise of clubs and nightlife in the past years, Miami remains among the few survivors. The rush of the elite and influential into the city has generated new life and interest in Miami’s party scene. As the demographic of the city diversified to the more expensive and international crowd, clubs were quick to expand. No longer just for loud Spring Breakers or wild bachelorette parties, new day and night clubs have become popular hangouts among European and wealthy crowds. Catering to these tastes with more expensive bottles, classier dress codes, and an injection of European house and techno to local classic hip-hop, R&B, and Latino favorites, Miami’s clubs are evolving to meet the city’s new desires.

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