What to Wear in Miami

Miami is a city that wants you to look your best. The vibrance and trendiness that characterizes the city and its youthful population unsurprisingly extends to the local sense of style.  It’s a city that encourages you to be bold, to be fun, and to be daring with your fashion choices. And in a place that offers so much to do, you have to be prepared to look stylish whatever the occasion – whether it’s a wild night out, a beach stroll, or a lazy Sunday brunch. But stepping outside of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. To help you fit in and feel confident, we’ve put together some inside scoop on the local style and tips on the hottest trends you’ll want to jump on. Follow our advice and you’ll know exactly how to dress for the heat while bringing the heat!

Everyday fashion

Even for a casual lunch or quick coffee date, you’ll notice that everyone always dresses fashionably in Miami. Boho-style flowy and lacey dresses are popular and an easy way to look put together without having to fuss. For class and comfort, long and breezy maxi dresses are perfect too. Also it may surprise you but in Miami, even for a daytime look, skin-tight skirts and dresses are in. So don’t just save your curves for the club. On days when it’s too windy for loose clothing, go for the classic big pants small top combo – like some ripped jeans with a crop top, cute sandals and plenty of jewelry.

There are also a handful of accessories you’ll need to complement any look in Miami. To keep your hair out of your face, consider a colorful scarf or bandana to go with your outfit. Or on those extra scorching sunny days, you can protect yourself from the sun in style with a floppy, oversized hat. And on the theme of sun protection, you’ll basically never take off your sunglasses in Miami. So finish off your outfit with a bold pair of sunglasses, whether huge rectangular ones, small funky round ones, or a pair with fun brightly-colored frames. And to top it off, when it comes to your bag, designer is everything. Miamians love to show off a name-brand handbag or clutch, so break out your Prada, Gucci, or YSL, or consider investing in one to last.

Night out

When it comes to dressing to go out in Miami, the golden rule is two-fold: wear less and do more. Miami is not the place to be shy – it’s time to show off your abs, curves, shoulders, all of it. That strappy dress at the back of your closet that you think is too risqué? Perfect. That daring two piece that you never found the right occasion for? Get it out. Not only will you be turning heads, but when you’re throwing back margaritas under the sun or salsa dancing the night away on a sweaty dance floor, you’ll be glad to feel the breeze.

The second part of the rule – do more – means going all out with your outfit. That means with your makeup, your hair, your shoes, and with your accessories. Out in Miami, there is no such thing as overdressed. You should also be bold with your colors and your patterns. This isn’t monochrome New York. Especially with the influence of Miami’s vibrant Latinx and Caribbean communities, this city embraces radiant colors and flamboyant designs. The brighter and livelier your outfit is, the more you’ll fit in.

Ultimately the bottom line is, whether you’re going out to an elegant cocktail bar, or a packed dance club, dressing casual is not the vibe. If you want to get in, you have to dress the part.


Let’s be clear, in Miami your swimsuit has little to do with swimming – your bikini is an outfit. The beach will be calling your name everyday, and whether you’re tanning, partying, or dipping your toes in the sand, trendy swimwear is a must. When it comes to choosing bikinis remember that skin is sexy – you’ll want to pick up some cheeky Brazilian bottoms and intricate tops with colors and cut-outs to fit in. Pair it with a dainty sarong or lacey cover-up to pull the look together, add a bit of bling, and you’re set. But if you’re a little more reserved, an elegant one-piece is also an option. Go for something with a deep V-cut, a funky pattern, or a bold one-shoulder look to spice things up.

Another fashion lesson you’ll learn in Miami is that makeup and jewelry are an indispensable part of any beach look. Accessorize with chunky gold hoops, layered necklaces, or intricate body chains to bring your bikini up a notch. And as for makeup, make sure to start with some high SPF sunscreen and lip balm, and go for sweat and waterproof products to avoid any smudging.

Something else to keep in mind is that in Miami you’ll be wearing your bathing suit all year round. So consider investing in quality and on-trend pieces each season. If you’re not sure what would be worth spending your cash on, or are curious about this season’s swimwear trends, check out what was showcased for the season at Miami Swim Week to get some inspiration.


Maybe we’ve given you the impression that in Miami being stylish exclusively means dressing fancy. That’s not quite true. There’s still plenty of ways to balance looking stylish with being dressed practically and comfortably. A major key to this is athleisure. In Miami, sleek athleisure looks are second nature for looking cute at the grocery store or while running errands all over town. Bright and colorful matching sets from Lululemon or AloYoga are all the rage, and can even be dressed up with some hoops and fun sunglasses. For a timeless athleisure look, you can go for the biker shorts and sweatshirt combo made famous by Princess Di. Even a bright and coordinated sweat suit can make a great street style look with the right accessories. In any case, an eye-catching workout set is extremely versatile, and will get you from your couch to the shops to the gym in style.

Dressing for the weather

As a beachy paradise with blue skies and pristine coastlines, you can almost always expect perfect weather in Miami, with temperatures staying above 75°F all year round – it’s called the Sunshine State for a reason. But what you might not expect is that with a subtropical climate comes occasional unexpected showers, and in the “winter” some cooler days with a gentle breeze. But don’t let that derail your outfit plans. Instead on those chillier days, bring along a light jacket. You can never go wrong with a sleek blazer – if you’re looking to tone it down go for a cool, neutral shade, or alternatively a pop of color with a bright pastel. This way you’ll look cool without being cold. An unexpected rain shower can also be a disaster for your hair and your outfit. Always keep a small foldable umbrella in your day bag, and avoid getting soaked on short notice.


In Miami, there’s a shoe for every occasion. Of course, you’ll need an easy pair of flip flops to chuck in your beach bag. Or, equally practical, a clean pair of white or black sneakers will match everything, and will suit the many long sunset walks you’ll want to take. Meanwhile a funky, colorful pair of kicks will upgrade any look with an edgy street-style vibe.

For your casual daytime lunches and brunches, a flat gladiator sandal or espadrille is a great option. Alternatively, a strappy, heeled sandal is still comfortable enough to run around in during the day, and elegant enough to transition into your evening plans. Finally, for a proper night out, you’ll have to grab your fanciest heels or booties that give you legs as tall as the palm trees.

Armed with our advice, you’re ready to start planning your outfits, packing your bags, and heading to Miami. And whatever looks you ultimately go for, just remember that confidence is key. Miami may be known to be glamorous, but if you feel good about what you’re wearing, everyone else will too. 

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