What To Pack For An April Trip To Miami

So you’ve booked your tickets, planned your hotels and itinerary, taken time off, and are ready to head to Miami in April – now all that’s left to do is pack. But between wanting to dress appropriately for the weather and wanting to be stylish while fitting in with the local aesthetic, you may be feeling a little stressed about what to bring, especially if it’s your first time in the city. To make your life easier, we advise you on what to pack to have you looking and feeling your best while in Miami.

Packing for the weather

While there’s never a bad time to visit Miami, April is a particularly good month to schedule your visit. The last of the drier months before the beginning of the wetter summer weather, you can expect high temperatures with highs of about 80F, moderate humidity, plenty of sunshine until late in the evening, and little to no rainfall. Miami’s April weather gives you a lot of flexibility for your everyday outfits. For the hot daytime, you’ll want to bring to bring light, airy, and of course stylish pieces. For those who want to show some skin (this is Miami after all), it’s time to pack your miniskirts and backless dresses, littlest shorts, tank and crop tops. For a more modest look that fits the weather, long flowy or lacy maxi skirts or dresses are classic. And as for footwear, there’s a sandal for every occasion – whether a comfortable daytime flat or an evening heel. Or if you think you’ll be running around more, throw in some white sneakers which can match just about anything and save your feet the pain!

April in Miami is also fantastic beach weather, with the water temperatures at an ideal 77F for swimming. If you’re planning to spend much of your time at the beach, there’s a number of must have’s. Most important is your bathing suit. The swimwear style in Miami is far from modest, rather it’s the perfect place to show off your skin and curves. Make sure to pack your cheeky Brazilian bikini bottoms, strappy tops, and sexy one-pieces. For a beach cover-up, a casual sarong, lacy dress, or a loose-fitting shirt are great options. Remember that UV levels are still very high in April, so make sure to throw plenty of high SPF sunscreen and lip balm, and some after-sun or aloe vera in case of sunburn. Similarly, whether for the beach or otherwise, we’d suggest bringing sweat and waterproof makeup products to Miami – this way you don’t have to worry about smudges and touch-ups all day. A huge floppy hat and stylish sunglasses are not only great additions to your outfit, but will help keep the sun out of your face in the midday heat.

Packing for events in April

There’s always something going on in Miami, and April is no exception, with plenty of energetic events happening throughout the month. Every event attracts a unique crowd and has a special atmosphere and vibe, so it’s good to match your outfits accordingly to avoid being under or overdressed. 

In early April, tennis fans can enjoy the Miami Open, which brings the best players in the world to the city to compete for glory. While the players may be dressing causally, spectators certainly don’t. There’s no need to go over the top, but since the event attracts quite a crowd, you’ll want to wear a cute semi-causal dress or jeans with a nice top. Or with a more casual look, throw on some jewellery and classy shades. A hat of some kind is also useful for when it gets hot and sweaty courtside, maybe even a small fan if you’re feeling fancy.

At the end of April, the Miami Beach Polo World Cup is another high-energy event. Nothing about the sport polo says causal, and the event always attracts a very hip and trendy crowd including celebrities and socialites, so while you don’t have to look fancy, you do have to look put together. If you’re planning to attend, we’d suggest packing something stylish and semi-casual, you are still on the beach after all. Denim might be a no, so go for an outfit with some fancier tailored shorts or skirt instead, or a classy dress will always be appropriate. 

Miami Pride is another incredible multi-day festival in April, with a full slate of events and parties. In the spirit of the event, the dress code for Pride is totally free and open. Pack whatever makes you feel confident and happy, and what you can comfortably dance around and celebrate in.

You could also easily spend a fun-filled Easter weekend in Miami. For a sophisticated and delicious brunch to celebrate the end of Lent, visit local favorite fs such as Amara at Paraiso, Jaya at the Setai, or the Confidante Miami Beach, all of which offer mouth-watering Easter menus. Any brunch is an opportunity to dress up, but for a special Easter brunch in Miami you’ll want to pack something with a pop of vibrant pastel, either in your outfit or in your makeup and accessories. 

Packing to work out and run around

Whether you actually plan to go to the gym is irrelevant, Miamians embrace Athleisure for all kinds of activities. If you’re planning to go for a morning run along the beach, or want to try out one of Miami’s many workout classes from HIIT to barre to yoga, then you’ll need a stylish work-outfit. Lululemon and AloYoga are standard favorites, but any cute matching set of leggings or biker shorts that you pack will have you blending in with the locals, whether you’re shopping, sweating, or running errands. And remember you can always pack some extra accessories and jewellery to turn this workout look into a street-style going-out look too!

Packing to eat out and go out

Miami in April means brings the ideal weather for dining al fresco in the evenings, when the heat drops to about 68F and gentle winds and breezes from the North Atlantic Ocean help keep you cool. When packing for an elegant dinner out, be sure to include some sophisticated evening outfits and designer pieces – even at more casual dinner spots, Miamians always dress well. Also, by April a jacket is no longer a must for the warmer evenings. Instead if you’re worried about catching a chill, opt for a sleek, neutral blazer that goes with everything (or alternatively a bright, colourful one to stand out), or a lighter knit cardigan.

When it comes to going out, Miami invites you to dress boldly and glamorously. If you want to get into those swanky bars and night clubs, you’re going to have to look the part. This means filling your suitcase with your most daring, revealing dresses and two pieces, strappy high heels, and shiny bling. It’s very difficult to be overdressed in Miami, so it’s also a great chance to show off your more unusual pieces, from bright colors to funky patterns and intricate cut-outs and details.

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