What to Pack for a May Trip to Miami

Booking a trip to the Sunshine State is guaranteed to be a great decision, right up until it comes to packing your bags. No one likes packing, especially if you’re not sure what you’ll need to bring or what to wear at your destination. To make the packing process less of an ordeal, we give you the lowdown on what’s happening in Miami this May and how to dress the part for each occasion, as well as what to be aware of on the weather front. With our guidance, you’ll arrive in Miami with all the pieces you need to beat the heat and look glamorous during your visit.
When packing for the May Miami weather, remember that May is a transition month as Miami enters the summer season which brings showers and hot and humid weather. During the day, it tends to be around 85F or slightly higher as the month goes on, and occasionally the afternoon gets especially hot at or above 90F. This means that light and loose clothing is an absolute must, so you want to pack your flowy dresses, shorts, airy cotton blouses, crop tops, and the like to survive the heat and humidity. The evenings are cooler, in the low 70sF, so you’ll also want to bring a light jacket if you’re dining al fresco. While the first half of the month is mostly sunny, the latter half starts to bring in the rain, and the risk of showers doubles for the last two weeks of the month. To keep you dry and comfortable, pack a light rain-jacket or something with a hood, and a small pocket umbrella so you’re never caught out in the rain. The good news is that despite the rains, ocean temperatures are still warm at around 80F, so if you’re headed out to the beach, don’t forget to pack your bathing suits and flip flops.

Groundup Music Festival

For true music enthusiasts, the Groundup Music Festival offers an immersive and interactive experience like no other. This three day festival gives fans the opportunity to not only watch exciting performances, but to engage directly with the artists performing. Festival go-ers get to attend workshops, hang out with the performers, and chit-chat throughout the events, making it a one of a kind musical experience. Since the event is located at the North Beach Bandshell, a beachside, open-air amphitheatre in the North Shore Historic District, you’ll want to account for weather and style in your packing for this event. Since the event can be busy and intimate you’ll want to dress comfortably, so you can jam out in the hot and sweaty crowd. Light, airy clothing like shorts and a tank top, and comfortable sandals or sneakers are advisable. Also, since many of the workshops and side-events take place on the lovely beachfront, expect to get a little sandy amidst the excitement.

Miami Grand Prix
One of the most high-speed and high-adrenaline events of the year is the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. This year, the first of a kind race breaks in a brand new course that was built through the parking lots around the Hard Rock Stadium, which includes a 19-turn track that zips through a beach, a marina, some picturesque Miami palm trees, and 11 grandstands to watch from.
The race itself may already be sold out for this year, but you can still attend the numerous fun events and activities going on in its surroundings. You can expect interactive events with music, racing-related products and merch on display, and plenty of food and drinks. While there is no formal dress code for Formula 1 events, it’s worth bearing in mind that the event attracts a very trendy crowd including celebrities, socialites, and other public figures. Generally, if you’re in the grandstands it’s a good idea to dress up a bit, while remaining comfortable. However if you’ve managed to score tickets in more exclusive areas like the paddocks, or where you might be caught on camera, you’ll want to dress more smart or smart casual. But wherever you’re sitting, some sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen are must-haves in the Miami summer.

In the Heights at Adrienne Arsht Center
Theater fans will be delighted to hear that one of Broadway’s most popular musicals of the year, “In the Heights”, produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is coming to Miami in May, playing on two days at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. The hit musical follows New York’s Hispanic community in Washington Heights during a heat wave, and is filled with catchy tunes. If you’re planning to catch the show, dress like you would for Broadway in New York, a well-styled, smart casual dress or pants with a nice top will be perfect.

On May 21st, America’s biggest plant-based event heads to Miami, to celebrate the best of all things vegan. Hosted at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, the Vegandale Festival hosts more than 100 delicious vegan vendors, serving up tasty options from plant-based ice-creams, cheeses, cakes, burgers, and so much more – you’ll never believe it’s vegan! And beyond the amazing food, the atmosphere is lively, with great music and conversations, as well as stalls for vegan clothing, accessories and lots more. If you’re attending this event, maybe leave your leather, fur, and other animal-product items at home, and opt for faux-fabrics, vegan labels, and sustainably-made or sourced brands. This way you can look great while respecting the environmentally-conscious spirit of the event!

Best of the Best Caribbean Celebration
Another fun-filled event that celebrates Miami’s rich Caribbean heritage is the Best of the Best Caribbean Celebration, which is Miami’s biggest Caribbean music festival at Bayfront Park overlooking the waters of Biscayne Bay. The event runs until late night and features some of the biggest names in Soca, Reggae, and more. The vibe at this event is electric, and you’ll want to dress in a way that reflects this energy and its Caribbean roots. This means you’ll want to pack some bright colors and shiny jewellery – basically have fun with it and don’t be afraid to dress vibrantly.

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