What To Pack For A May Trip To NYC

As all of New York’s colors and blooms come out in spring, and the city wakes up from winter
hibernation, May is a perfect time to book your long-awaited trip to New York! As the weather
transitions and outdoor events pick up, we’ve put together some tips for how to best dress for a
month of mixed rain and shine, but plenty of exploring to do!

With the long and dreary New York City winter behind us, and with the official start of spring, May is
a fantastic month to visit the Big Apple. When packing for May weather in NYC, bear in mind that
while the day warms up gradually, it’s still not complete summer weather. For the beginning of May
early morning lows tend to be in the mid to upper 40s F, with afternoon high temperatures rising to
the mid-60s F. However, the occasional colder morning can still drop to the upper 30s to near 40F.
Towards the end of May the temperature rise further as the city inches closer to summer, and
afternoon temperatures can reach into the low to mid-70s F or even the mid-80s F on a lucky sunny
day. What this means for packing is that for the most of May, you’ll want to dress in layers. You can
still pack your colorful spring dresses and skirts, so long as you bring your tights and a sweater or
cardigan for the mornings. The same goes for your thinner spring blouses or crop tops, you can still
wear them with jeans and a jacket or sweater.

For the evenings in May, make sure to still pack a light coat or jacket – it still gets quite cold at night
as the temperatures drop. If you’re one to get cold easily, a light scarf wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
Also, while you’re likely to get some sun, it’s still worth considering that May can be rather cloudy
and wet in the city. A waterproof jacket, hoodie, or small umbrella is a good safety net to avoid
getting soaked in an unexpected shower. Because of this, it’s worth bringing some cute, closed-toed
shoes on your trip – this could be a nice pair of booties for going out, and a pair of simple and
comfortable sneakers that go with everything and won’t hurt your feet.

The People’s Ball
If you’re looking for a reason to get dressed up in New York City, look no further than The People’s
Ball, held on May 1 at the Brooklyn Public Library. For those who have always loved the
extravagance and creativity of the Met Gala, this is your chance to experience your own version of it.
The People’s Ball is a free event that requires only a simple RSVP. But most importantly, the event
invites all of its diverse guests to express their individuality and style to the max. This is not the
moment to dress conventionally or to be shy, rather it is a safe and inclusive space where you can
strut the runway in your most outlandish, imaginative, and daring ensemble. So pack something
sexy, something colourful, or something bold (just not something boring) that gives you confidence
and expresses who you are, and celebrate fashion and happiness at this exciting evening.

Spring Fest
For music fans, Spring Fest on May 7 is the place to be to hear a star-studded line-up of exciting
EDM, house, and electronic stars, held at The Lefrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park. Beyond the
bumping music and dancing, you can enjoy a day of delicious food and drink, in the beautiful park
venue. To match the upbeat and energetic vibes of the festival, you should feel free to dress as
trendily as you want. Have fun with your makeup, jewellery and outfit – play with shiny and metallic

colors or dress in a cool classic New York black outfit. Just bear in mind that although it will be
warmer in a dancing crowd, it is still an outdoor venue and there’s always a chance of showers. So if
you can style in a jacket or extra layer into your outfit, you’ll be safe whatever happens.

Everyone knows that New York is the home of entertainment – a quick glance on a billboard, a
newspaper or magazine, or online will inform you of all the numerous shows and performances
going on across the city. If you’re around in May, it would be a crime not to try to catch one of the
world-famous shows playing on Broadway. The May calendar for Broadway includes plenty of
classics like Wicked or Book of Mormon and modern favorites like Hamilton or Harry Potter and the
Cursed Child. For less mainstream shows, you can also check out the off-Broadways shows if you’re
looking to discover something new. But whatever you are planning to see, you’ll want to look your
best for this legendary institution. While there’s no dress code so no need to dress too formal, you
can certainly make a night of it and wear a nice dress or semi-casual look. But as the bare minimum,
you will need to look presentable and put together – jeans are fine with a nice blouse, but leave your
sweats or athleisure at home.

Ninth Avenue International Food Festival
Diversity and food – these are two great hallmarks of the city, and anytime they go together, you’re
guaranteed to enjoy yourself. The Ninth Avenue International Food Festival takes place on 9 th avenue
from 42 nd to 57 th street on May 14 th and 15 th , and has been celebrated in the city for over 30 years.
This two-day celebration is a food lover’s paradise as the streets fill with vendors of food from every
country imaginable and the delicious aromas invite you in to try delicacies of all kinds. While the
food takes center stage in everyone’s minds, there’s also a great atmosphere of music and other
vendors of arts, crafts, accessories and more. If you’re planning to stuff yourself here, make sure to
pack loose and comfortable clothing – you don’t want to restrict yourself once your jeans start
feeling tighter. Also comfortable shoes are a must, since the food fest extends along many streets
and you’ll want to wander around all of them. The festival also happens rain or shine, so make sure
to check the weather in the morning in case you need an umbrella!

Baseball at Yankee Stadium
Attending a sports game is a great way to spend an evening in New York, to experience the
excitement and pride of the city when it comes to its sports teams. In May baseball season is in full
swing, so Yankee stadium is bound to be packed and buzzing. If you’re planning to attend a game,
Yankee merch of some kind is obviously the best thing to wear! But if you haven’t got any on hand,
just dress comfortably. The evenings can get chilly even in a packed stadium so don’t forget a light

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