Best Steakhouses In NYC

Whenever there’s an occasion to celebrate – a birthday, a new job, an engagement, – or just to enjoy
a really special dinner out, almost nothing can beat a top-tier steakhouse. An evening consisting of
delicious cut of meat, a wholesome potato side dish, a beautiful glass of red wine, and a decadent
dessert is the ultimate way to indulge. And besides other famous New York institutions like comedy
clubs, bagel shops, or Broadway, New York steakhouses are a hallmark of the city, with beloved and
classic spots to be found all over the city. So if you’re hungry and in the city, we’ve put together a list
of some of the most prestigious and delicious steak stops to visit. And since a steak is not usually not
the cheapest dining option, we’ve even given you a secret, inside tip on where to go to enjoy one of
our favorite and most affordable steaks in the Big Apple.

Porter House Bar and Grill
If you’re looking for a delicious and luxurious steakhouse dinner, look no further than the Porter
House Bar and Grill. Located on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center, the restaurant boasts
incredible views of Central Park and Columbus Circle, as well as a lively, spacious, yet refined
When it comes to the food, the menu offers seasonally-inspired classics, including a selection of
prime steaks – Porterhouse, New York Strip, Rib eye, filet mignon, and more. For the ultimate
indulgence, they also offer gold grade American Wagyu beef, with a naturally tender, rich and juice
flavor. To go with your steak, you can choose from potatoes done all kinds of ways- from black
truffle mash, crispy hash browns, fries, or bourbon sweet potato mash, as well as a range of sauces
including cognac peppercorn, chimichurri, and béarnaise.
If you happen to be dining with someone who isn’t a lover of steak, don’t panic. Porter House has
such great non-steak options that it wouldn’t be a crime not to order steak here. These include a
succulent roast chicken, a buttery poached lobster, an herby salmon dish, and other pasta and salad
options. To go with your meal, treat yourself to one of their innovative cocktails, or a bottle from
their award-winning, world class wine list which includes many sought after vintages.

Gallaghers Steakhouse
For a good, old-fashioned steak dinner you have to make your way to Gallaghers Steakhouse.
Established in 1927, the restaurant sits at Gallaghers’ entrance on 52 nd Street, where you’ll find a
glass-encased meat locker which has become a Midtown landmark, drawing visitors to take selfies
outside the historic institution. The classic steakhouse has attracted a glamourous crowd over the
years, including sports stars, politicians, socialites, Broadway stars, and more.
But to draw such a crowd year after year, you have to have something to show for on the plate, and
Gallaghers certainly delivers. Start your meal with something light and refreshing from the Raw Bar –
shrimp cocktail, oysters, or salmon tartare are all great choices for a hot day, or a hearty clam or
French onion soup on a cold one. Then onto the main attraction – choose any of their fantastic dry-
aged steak cuts, which are prepared the old-fashioned way – flamed over a hickory-coal grill, giving
them a delicious smoky flavor. And to round it off, their delicious desserts include some American
classics such as New York cheesecake, pecan pie, and key lime pie.

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
For a delicious steak in a more cozy environment, head to Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse in
Midtown Manhattan, just a stone’s throw from MoMA and nearby Times Square. This Brazilian
steakhouse has a cool three level design with a relaxing lounge area perfect for casual gatherings, as
well as private and semi-private areas for private events.

What’s unique about the menu at Fogo de Chão is the continuous tableside service of signature cuts
of fire-roasted meat and tasty Brazilian-inspired sides. If you go for the “Churrasco experience” you
can sample many of the delicacies served up for a set price – waiters bring over cuts of filet mignon,
top sirloin, pork chops, beef ribs, spicy pork sausage, beef ribs and much more. And with authentic
Brazilian sides like warm pao de queijo cheese balls, polenta, sweet plantains, and American
classics like mashed potatoes, there is simply too much to choose from. But if you’d rather
choose from the menu, there are still several tasty sea bass, salmon, or vegetarian options, as
well as more expensive and refined Wagyu cuts. And what would go better with your meal than
one of the Brazilian beverages, whether a fruity cocktail or a Brazilian limonada.

For a steak with a South Korean twist, try out Cote, the very first Korean steakhouse in New York
City. Owned by Michelin-star restauranteur Simon Kim, Cote brings together the authentic Korean
barbeque experience and the classic American steakhouse. This result in a lively dining experience in
a unique and interactive atmosphere. To start there are a number of great shareable appetizers to
get your appetite going, including house-smoked Korean “bacon”, steak and eggs, a Cote house
salad, or a fresh tuna or steak tartare. For the main course you’ll find a smokeless grill on every
table, which when paired with the delicate cuts from their in-house dry aging room, produce mouth-
wateringly fresh and roasted bites. At Cote the steaks are of the highest USDA Prime beef quality,
and you can try out some of the Korean savory sides to go with them, including fermented soy stew,
kimchi stew, bibimbop, and plenty more.
The drinks at Cote are not to be skimped on either. The impeccable wine list includes over 1200
labels, and focuses on farmers and producers who are committed to organic, biodynamic, and
sustainable practices, so you can not only enjoy but you can feel good about your choice. The
cocktails at Cote are also as creative as they are delicious, with a mix of Korean spirits, floral notes,
and fruity flavors.

Old Homestead Steakhouse
For another steak dish shrouded in tradition, dine at the Old Homestead Steakhouse. This restaurant
in Chelsea has been welcoming guests since 1868, making it among the oldest steakhouses in the
city. If you happen to be in the area you certainly can’t miss the entrance – the restaurant can be
spotted from miles away because of the giant neon sign outside and the hallmark sculpture of a cow
proclaiming the restaurant to be “the King of Beef.” And the laid-back New York crowd that dines
here regularly will tell you that this motto holds up pretty well. Old Homestead combines traditions
with elegance, and is renowned for its prime aged USDA Texas-size servings of beef – whether
porterhouse, signature sirloin, prime rib, or on the bone – this place does it and does it well. In

addition to steak, they also offer a diverse list of juicy burgers, seafood, salads, and raw seafood
starters. The dessert menu is killer too, offering comforting classics such as the Big Fat Chocolate
Cake, the Drugstore Old Fashioned Sundae, or the signature world famous cheesecake among
numerous others. Or if you’re looking to spike your dessert, try one of their dessert cocktails like the
indulgent Caffe Frappe or a sweet dessert wine.

Skirt Steak
While a steak dinner can be rather expensive, it doesn’t necessarily have to be, and New York has
plenty of delicious yet affordable steakhouse options where you don’t have to break the bank to
have a nice meal. A great value option can be found at Skirt Steak in Midtown. Skirt Steak keeps
things very – on its set menu only 3 options appear: greens, skirt steak, and unlimited fries all for
under $30. While the idea may be simple, this modern yet rustic location does simple well. The skirt
steak has a tender interior and a strong meaty taste that goes well with the Béarnaise sauce, the
greens are fresh, and the fries are handmade and free-flowing. For vegetarians, a cauliflower steak is
also available on request. So if you can forgive the modest décor and can appreciate the simple
menu, you may even want to stick around for their signature dessert cart which includes an array of
delicious pies and cakes.

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