Which suitcase is the best for travel? Cheap to Expensive

If you are looking for a new suitcase, how do you choose the best? Suitcases are a very important part of traveling. They can either make your trip easier or all the contrary. 

The best suitcase depends on your personal needs and preferences. However, we have made a guide of our top five choices and what each offers. Keep on reading to find which is the best suitcase for you. 

1. Calpak

Did someone say budget-friendly? Well, Calpak is an excellent choice. Some people tend to associate anything budget-friendly with low quality, unappealing, and faulty design. However, with Calpak, you get the value you’re searching for. You can get some of their carry-ons for as low as $105. Even crazier is that you can get their 3-piece set for under $500. And that doesn’t have any bearing on the discounts they offer during the year. 

The interior of the suitcase is a thoughtful one. It’s expandable and you have the option to use a zipper to either make the space inside small or big. This way, you can make it small while packing for the trip. Then during the journey, as you collect or purchase souvenirs, you can expand it to make room for the new items. 

Also, if business trips are part of your agenda, and you need to carry your laptop with you, their suitcase from the HUE collection comes with a special exterior compartment meant to accommodate your laptop and charger. This is a great way to keep your electronics handy, as well as protected while traveling. And of course, to help simplify your packing, as you no longer need to carry any extra bags. It can all be organized in a single suitcase!

2. Beis

If you’re a fan of Shay Mitchell, then you’re probably a fan of Beis. And if you don’t know either, get ready to become a fan! This brand is recognized for its quality and fashion-forward travel essentials. Their designs are minimalist but very functional. Their suitcases are all TSA friendly, water-resistant, and durable.

They have a variety of bags, but their luggage comes in two categories: the carry-on and the check-in. The check-in comes in beige, black, and gray in sizes 26″ and 29″. They have the same color options for the carry-on, but size 21″.

But that is not even the best part… 

The features that make this brand one of the best, and worth the price are; Beis offers a lifetime warranty on their luggage. Yes, you read it right! And, they have a weight limit indicator on each suitcase that lets you know when you have stuffed your suitcase over the weight limit. How cool is that?

3. Away

You have probably seen the Away Luggage while scrolling through social media, at the airport, or at the mall. It’s a pretty common name in luxury luggage right now. Away makes carry-on suitcases, tote bags, duffel bags, and other travel accessories. Their suitcases are priced at $325 and above; depending on the size.

There are several reasons why Away is a great choice. One of them is that the company has a 100-day return policy. So, when you purchase a bag from them, you can travel with it, store stuff in it, leave it in your wardrobe, basically anything you want to do with it. And, by the time 100 days elapse, if you feel like you’re not getting value for your money or it’s not size appropriate, or you want something different, you can just send it back and get a refund or an exchange.

Another reason is that these suitcases are trendy and stylish. They come in a range of lovely colors (petal, navy, coast, asphalt…). They are also durable and sturdy, with a hard-shell top and bottom. For easy movement, they have 360 degree wheels. And, when it comes to the suitcases, they have different sizes. The medium measures 26″ x 18.5″ x 11″. And the large measures 29″ x 20.5″ x 12.5″.

When it comes to compartments, they have a nice detachable laundry bag. Your dirty cloth doesn’t have to mix with the clean stuff anymore! Some even come with extra accessories like a removable battery that can charge your phone, iPod, or tablet. And, since it’s detachable, you can move it to your backpack or handbag for extra convenience. So, if you’re on a business trip, or need to work while on vacation, this is a great option.

4. Tumi

If you’re thinking of shopping in just one place for your bags and accessories, then Tumi is the answer. The Tumi brand has products ranging from rucksacks and backpacks to clutch bags, duffle bags, check-in suitcases, carry-on suitcases, and more. There’s a bag for everyone!

Their suitcases always have a modern and classic look. Two of their top collections that offer splendid designs are the Tumi V4 collection and the 19 Degree Aluminum Range.

With the 19 Degree Aluminum Range collection, you can travel without worrying about the safety of your luggage, as it is equipped with combination locks and other protective features. Also, both collections offer a 5-year guarantee.

5. Rimowa

The Rimowa brand has been around since 1898. So they know what they are doing! Their specialty is quality anodized aluminum suitcases. This German brand is a popular choice among top celebrities. You simply can’t go wrong with a Rimowa suitcase. They come in small, medium, large, and plus sizes.

The Rimowa brand has the TSA lock approved by most airports. They also have smart compartments inside the suitcases that help keep your items well organized. And, all their suitcases come with compression straps that secure your clothes and other valuables. 

And what about mobility? Their designs feature lightweight, patented multi wheels that allow easy manipulation and movement. Since the aluminum does not fade, the wheels do not get stuck and the handles remain polished after years of use. It is safe to say that the Rimowa brand is one that is built to stand the test of time. If your schedule includes traveling constantly, this is the brand for you. Although it is the most expensive one on the list, buying a Rimowa suitcase is a wise investment.

Now, you have seen some of the best suitcase options in the market. Before you hit ‘buy’, hang on a minute, we have one final tip for you: make sure to focus on the important features your travel plans require instead of buying something just because it looks good. Traveling can be very stressful, and getting the right suitcase is essential to guarantee a hassle-free experience. Hopefully, this article has made your planning a bit easier! 

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