Airport Etiquette- The dos and don’t of airport behavior

Holidays and vacations are fun, but we must pass the airports to get to them. The last thing you want to do is create a stressful situation for yourself or another person. It’s not worth it and only makes the journey more overwhelming. In this article, we discuss the dos and don’ts to abide by at the airport. 

1. Airport Checking In

  • Do Have Your Documents Ready

While waiting to check in, it’s best to have your identification and travel documents in your hand. Scrambling your bag for a document while it’s your turn will only take up other people’s time. 

  • Don’t Arrive Late 

Missing a flight can be a really awful experience, and you can avoid this by arriving early. The industry recommendation for international travel is to arrive 2 to 3 hours before your flight. This way you have enough time to check your bags and get through security. 

  • Do Check the Baggage Policy

If you exceed the baggage weight limit, you will need to pay a hefty fee for every extra kilo. This is why you should always research the airline’s baggage policy beforehand and avoid encountering this issue. If you can, weigh your bags before heading to the counter to ensure you don’t exceed the limit. 

2. Security Lines

You can’t skip the security lines at the airport, but you can skip the unnecessary drama. Here are the most important rules to follow when going through security lines at the airport:

  • Don’t Jump The Queue

Security lines can be dreadful, but you’re not the only one who feels that way. Don’t jump the queue or save a spot for a friend who is still far away. 

  • Do Pack Accordingly 

You already know some things won’t pass the TSA’s sniff text, so you have no reason to carry them. Passengers can carry liquid, but you are limited to no more than 100ml, which must be in travel-sized containers. And, of course, any illegal items should be off your traveling luggage. If you are unsure of items permitted onboard, you can check with the airline or online beforehand. 

  • Don’t Lay it on The Staff

The staff is just doing their work, and it would be better if you don’t stress them by starting an argument. Take the airport staff seriously and listen to instructions. 

  • Do Dress Appropriately 

Airports don’t have a dress code. But that doesn’t mean you should show up at the airport with your soiled gym wear or in inappropriate cloth. How you dress at a gala isn’t the same as you’d on a flight. Having to remove tons of accessories at the security screening points will only delay everyone, including you. Also, airports and airplanes tend to be very cold, so it’s important to wear something suitable for the temperature. And, comfortable for the long journey ahead of you. 

  • Don’t Wait To Be Told

Don’t be that person who is always taken by surprise at the screening point. Have your belt off, and bring your phone and coins out before the security tells you. Also, follow security screening instructions and be cooperative if picked for examinations. 

3. Eating and Drinking 

It’s okay to eat and drink while waiting to board your plane. However, ensure you follow these recommendations:

  • Don’t Take Too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol while flying is not advisable. If you do drink alcohol, drink at a minimum to avoid getting drunk. 

  • Do Be Mindful of What You Eat
  • Don’t consume food that may affect your stomach or bowel at the terminal or during the flight. Traveling is already stressful enough without adding uncomfortable bowel movements to the mix. Likewise, if you come to the airport with your food box, try not to make people uncomfortable with the smell. 

4. Hygiene and Safety

It’s very important to be conscious of your hygiene while traveling. Follow these tips: 

  • Do Brush Your Teeth 

Are you going on a trip that will last several hours or overnight? It’s a good idea to practice some basic hygiene while on the plane. This includes using a toothbrush to keep your breath fresh while on the plane.

  • Don’t Skip Your Deodorant

Sitting next to someone with body odor in a plane can be very suffocating. Given how close you will be sitting to a stranger on the plane, it’s only right to use deodorant at all times. 

  • Do Take COVID Precautions 

The Covid restrictions may be over, but the safety precautions aren’t. It’s essential to carry a sanitizer and face mask with you while traveling to reduce risk. 

  • Don’t Leave Your Baggage 

Keep your baggage close to you at all times to prevent losing it. Leaving your bag unattended can get you in trouble or lead to loss of valuable items. 

5. Boarding and Flying

It’s time to board the plane? Take note of the dos and don’ts below:

  • Do Have Your Boarding Pass Ready

Save everyone’s time by having your boarding ticket and passport ready before your turn. Also, please take your seat as quickly as possible so others can reach their seat without bumping into you. 

  • Don’t Take Up Space in the Overhead Compartment

Ensure you put your hand luggage in the overhead compartment of your seat, and only leave items you may need outside. Meanwhile, don’t take up valuable space in the compartment by including items like your jacket or a book. Also, don’t sneak in more bags than the airline can allow for safety measures.

  • Do Consider Passengers Sitting Together

Sometimes, people traveling together are forced to separate due to seating arrangements. If you could offer help by exchanging seats, then that would be great. 

  • Don’t Spread Out to Your Neighbor’s Seat

You have limited space in the plane, especially when flying economy. For this reason, you should be considerate of your neighbor’s seat. Don’t spread out into your neighbor’s seat or invade their private space. Also, be careful while reclining your seat by ensuring the person behind you isn’t eating or on their laptop. 

6. Arrival

  • Do Remain in Your Seat

There is no reason to stand up until the deboarding process reaches you. We understand that you are in a hurry and have a connecting flight but bolting forward only makes it difficult for others. 

  • Don’t Crowd Around The Baggage Carousel

Standing close to the carousel won’t make your bag come out any faster. In fact, it will be easier for other passengers to collect their luggage if people aren’t crowding the carousel. Also, double-check it’s your bag so you don’t end up carrying someone else’s luggage by accident. 

  • Don’t Put Your Phone On Loudspeaker

When you arrive at the airport, spare other travelers the details of your exciting conversation on the phone. And if you’re on a business call or meeting, consider using some headphones and keeping your voice low to avoid disturbing others.

  • Lastly, Do Be Kind

Above all, it helps to be polite and kind to the people you come across. The woman with the noisy kids doesn’t need your dagger stare, nor does the airport staff need your rude remarks. Be kind to your fellow travelers, passengers, airline employees, and airport staff. 

Whether you’re traveling for the first time or can’t count your number of travels, it’s essential to conduct yourself well when flying. Abide by the airport etiquette, and things will be better for you and the people around you.

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