What to Bring With You On A European Trip

Europe is a great holiday destination. But, with many vibrant cities to choose from, deciding where to visit and what to pack can be difficult. If you are planning a trip to Europe this summer, or later this year, this article will help you figure out what you need to pack.

We will also explore some key factors to consider when packing for a trip. 

Let’s get into it!

Consider the duration of the trip 

This is an important deciding factor. When you know how long the trip is likely to last, you will make better decisions not just on what to pack but on what sort of luggage to pack it in. For longer trips, it’s best to pack a suitcase and for shorter trips, a duffel bag or carry-on luggage may suffice. 

For shorter trips, you can indulge in complete outfits per the number of days and carrying capacity of your luggage. But that wouldn’t be a good idea for a longer trip. You can instead pack staple wears that can easily be paired with other clothing items. For instance, a couple of different colors of blouses/shirts, one or two pants; mostly dull-colored and perhaps one bright colored one, a skirt and a couple of simple gowns. You can also toss in a couple of t-shirts and shorts. A trusty pair of jeans or chinos pants will come in handy as well. 

Possible weather and climate 

Did you know that there are 44 countries in Europe? And they all have slight or significant differences in their weather and climate. Before deciding what to pack, be sure to check what the weather conditions will be in all the cities you will be visiting.

In spring, which runs from the month of March to May, the sun comes out more compared to past months. And, the weather is mostly mild. It’s a good time to be in Europe. Depending on your activities and destinations, you may want to pack some light sweaters, pants, short-sleeved tops, and maybe a pair of shorts for warmer days. 

Summer, however, brings about a different atmosphere. It is during the months of June to August. The average temperatures in some areas can exceed 30°C. So, feel free to show more skin during this season of the year. In that case, your luggage should contain shorts, summer dresses and swimwear, if you plan to hit the beach.

Autumn covers the months of September to November. Around this time the summer heat begins to pipe low and cool weather starts taking over. While you won’t jump into the winter coats immediately, you want to have some warm clothes with you. Be sure to pack some jackets, long dresses, pants, long-sleeved tops and sweatshirts. 

During winter though, it’s a different ball game. Europe can get pretty cold during the months of December to February with temperatures in some areas going as far down as 0°C, and in some cases a minus. It’s a good idea to pack more winter jackets and coats. You should also add some sweaters (woolen or not), mittens, head warmers, neck scarfs, and some thick pants. Include winter footwear for easy navigation in snow. 

Your activities and travel itinerary 

Before packing, you should have your travel itinerary sorted out. This way, you can pack  the appropriate clothing to wear for the different activities and destinations you have planned. Perhaps it’s a vacation where you just plan to relax. Or, if you’re traveling during winter, skiing would most likely be on your list. In this case, you’d definitely want to gear up with a coat, thick pants, head covering, and solid boots. Maybe your trip involves a lot of outdoor activities? Then you also need to pack specific clothes and shoes for those activities. 

Or maybe it is half vacation and half business trip? In this case, your luggage should include some formal wear like corporate shirts, blazers, tailored pants, and straight skirts. But also, a few casual outfits that you can style without much hassle. And, don’t forget to throw in a dressy outfit if you have plans for a night or two out.

Other essentials  

Apart from clothing, there are other travel items to consider to make sure your trip is seamless. One very important one is appropriate shoes. You want to invest in some solid boots if you’re visiting during winter. You should include waterproof footwear during rainy seasons, and if you’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing on foot, be sure to wear something comfortable and sturdy.

In addition, bringing a small-sized umbrella during spring and winter is a good idea. For summer, consider packing essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.

Don’t forget your toiletries and cosmetics. It may not be that easy to locate a store that sells the brands you are used to at your destination. So pack a few travel-sized ones. Include all the basics like a moisturizer, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, and any particular items that you use or may need. Don’t forget to add some makeup items as well. 

Adding a portable charger for your devices is a great idea. That way you’ll always keep your phone charged to take all the stunning pictures of the beautiful places you visit. Adaptors are very important to take into account. This is because Europe has a different voltage and without an adaptor, you’ll be unable to use any electronics. Be sure to get a universal adaptor that can fit into any socket type. 

Traveling can be a super fun activity if planned appropriately. Remember to check the weather of your destinations beforehand and plan your outfit accordingly. Also, consider the activities you’ll be engaging in and the amount of time you plan to spend before packing. Don’t forget to pack all necessary documents like your passport and visa (if required.) If you do these, you can rest assured that you’re ready to make the most of your Euro trip!

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