The Best Instagram Picture Poses On Vacation

Instagram is one of the best social media apps to share your vacation pictures. Whether you’re a travel blogger or just want to show off your holiday destination, there are ways you can level up your Instagram pictures. In this article, we are excited to share Instagram poses ideas and tips to try out the next time you’re on the road. 

Best Instagram Poses Ideas for Vacation Pictures 

Here are 12 popular and easy poses to do for the gram while on vacation: 

  1. Sitting Pose

The sitting pose is a relaxed way to take amazing pictures for your Instagram. You don’t have to do too much; just sit down and turn your gaze or back to the camera. Stairways, benches, and even the floor are great places to try out the sitting-down pose.

Another popular variation of the sitting pose is the top-down pose. To create this pose, you sit somewhere, and the photographer takes the picture from a higher angle to capture everything in your scenery. This pose is perfect for big viewpoint photos or while at a boat, lake, or pool. 

  1. Walk Through Pose

Are you in front of a mural or an attractive building? The walk-through pose is one of the best ways to show off the art behind you without taking away the focus from you. There are many variations of the walk-through pose; you can play with your hair, hold your sunglasses or swing your bag for more movement. 

  1. Walk Away Pose

Do you want to show some beautiful scenery and be a part of the picture? Try out the walk-away pose! With this pose, you do not have to worry about your face because it won’t show. To create this pose, turn your back to the camera, keep your back straight and take a step. You can also make the pose a lot cooler by wearing a cute hat and outfit. 

  1. The Twirl Pose

Adding movement to your pose is a great way to take scenic pictures for Instagram. A glamorous picture pose idea that involves adding movement is The Twirl. Relax your face, put a smile on and twirl. This pose is an excellent option if you are in a flowy dress or skirt —twirling in jeans won’t have the same effect as twirling in a long flowy gown. Also, your photographer has to take continuous shots while you are twirling to get the perfect picture. 

  1. Feature your Food

Some of the most boujee vacation pictures on Instagram are food pictures. All you need to do is show off your food, and you do not have to be in front of the camera. Before you try out the menu at a restaurant, take some seconds to set your camera and take a photo of the meal. 

  1. Play with the Surrounding 

Another excellent pose for Instagram is to have fun with the surroundings. Some easy ways include creating an illusion of holding the moon or touching a monument. 

  1. Cross Your Arms 

Crossing your arm may look like a lazy post, but you will have a great outcome with a smile and a tilted face. When trying out this pose, it’s best to raise one shoulder and try not to lock your arms into your body. 

  1. Add a Prop

Using a prop that matches your current travel location and season is a fine picture idea for Instagram. If you’re in New York? Use NYC pretzel as a prop. Some other props ideas for your vacation are ice cream, flowers, books, seashells, coconuts, umbrellas, hats, maps,  and so on. You only need to make sure your prop matches your scenery and photoshoot. 

  1. Dining Pose

Does your travel itinerary include a lot of restaurants? Then don’t miss out on dining poses! You can make a great photo shoot while dining out, and a great pose is to hold up food items like your ice cream or take a picture while eating.  

  1. Hands on Hips

If you don’t have any props to work with for your picture, consider putting your hands on your hips. You can angle your body to the side and tilt your face to make your picture really lovely. 

  1. Raise your Hands

Do you sometimes not know what to do with your hands while posing for pictures? We’ve got you! A good pose idea is to raise your hands to elongate your back and create a unique angle. You can try out many variations of this pose — raise both hands in the air or raise one hand and keep the other arm bent. Also, you can consider raising your bag/purse, making a peace sign, or making a heart shape. Just keep the hands busy. 

  1. Little Mermaid Pose

The little mermaid pose is best when you are on the beach. You just need to lay on your side, extend your hand and lay your head on your arm. An alternative mermaid pose you can try is sitting on your side and slightly bending your legs. 

Tips to Take Great Instagram Pictures 

Do you have travel plans and intend to take unique pictures for the gram? Here are some tips you can consider: 

1. Use a Tripod

Using a tripod is a great way to get good pictures of yourself, especially if you’re traveling alone. You can’t always rely on strangers to take pictures of you during your international travels, but your tripod can help! 

2. Shoot With Natural Light

Natural light is the best light for your photographs. Consider taking your pictures where there is good lighting for a great outcome. Another good picture tip is to take your pictures during the golden hour. 

3: Recreate Pictures 

A great pose idea is reenacting poses in your environment to make your pictures more unique. If you are at an art gallery, you can pose like one of the artworks. In front of the Buddha? Sit down like you are in meditation. 

4: Know Your Angle

Different people have an angle that works for them in pictures; it could be the right side of the body or the side of your face with a dimple. Find the angle that works best for you in pictures and work with it. 

5. Take Pictures of Other Things

Besides taking pictures of yourself, you can also take pictures of other things while on vacation. This could be anything like the sky, a signpost, a train, a building, a menu, or artwork. 

Taking pictures is a great way to document your traveling experience and create a unique Instagram feed. Making some travel plans? Don’t forget to try new things, have fun and take pictures!  Fortunately, you don’t have to be a model to create cool and unique pictures on your vacation. You only need to find the right pose, a good angle, and perfect scenery. 

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