What Your Airline Of Choice Says About You

Now that the world is beginning to get a grasp of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone wants to start making travel plans again, including international ones. With so many airlines out there, it can be a bit confusing to figure out which to choose for your next trip. However, you might find yourself often gravitating to a particular airline because that is what you are used to or most comfortable with. Well, if you are curious to know what your airline of preference says about you, this article is for you!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this fun article where we break down what your favorite airline of choice says about you.

American Airlines

People who fly American Airlines are very sentimental people who tend to have a hard time getting used to change. But hey! We get it, it is called American Airlines after all. You are a patriotic citizen and that is amazing. American Airlines is neither outstanding nor bad. The airline has been around for some time now and used to be one of the most reliable in the country. Hopefully someone will make American Airlines great again. 

Delta Airlines

If you love Delta Airlines, then you certainly know what is good for you. You work hard and you only strive for the best. In 2021, Delta Airlines was ranked by The Wall Street Journal as the best US airline. People who fly Delta do not have time for delays in their travel itineraries or any form of inconvenience whatsoever. You are probably a successful professional ready to pay extra for great service. With one of the lowest customer complaint rates among US airlines, the facts are there to prove why Delta is a top choice.

United Airlines

You are probably an easy going, somewhat carefree person. You do not really care for specifics, you just want to get to your destination on time. You prefer to outsource the planning of your trips. You really are not one to pick and choose.

United Airlines is quite affordable compared to other airlines such as Southwest. The airline has however recorded backlogs of customer complaints in the past. But to make up for this, they score high in reliability and comfort. Overall this is a fair airline choice and it is no wonder why they have loyal flyers.

Southwest Airlines

If this is your airline of choice, then you might want to brace yourself for impact (pun intended). People who frequent Southwest Airlines are loyal and can certainly survive anything thrown at them. You are probably a tenacious and very persevering person. 

Southwest has some really high highs, for instance, the flight attendants are nice, you get a window seat for checking in early, and the company genuinely tries to be better for its customers. However, according to WalletHub, the airline could improve greatly in categories such as reliability and safety. This can be attributed to major service failures since 2018 that have made the news.

Spirit Airlines

Known as one of the cheaper airlines out there, if this is your airline of choice, chances are you are frugal with your finances. Sadly, this does not always play out well for you. But you like to take chances in life. Eventually, after learning about the $10 fee for printing your boarding pass, you realize the deal might have been a little too good to be true. Spirit Airlines are infamously known for not offering any free amenities, which I guess is fair game for their cheap rates. The airline is also known for late arrivals and is quite uncomfortable compared to other airlines. 

Lufthansa Airlines

Seeing as it is hard to find a great review of Lufthansa Airlines online, we can only come to the conclusion that people who board this airline are independent and love to make decisions for themselves, no matter the cost. And for that, you are brave. That, or, you are a patriotic German that will only support German businesses. This carrier has built quite the reputation for having delayed flights, and offering little to no free amenities. However, the customer service is great, as well as the cuisine. 

Hawaiian Airlines

If your airline of preference is Hawaiian Airlines, you must be a peace-loving, fun-loving earthling, right? Probably also a climate change activist? Even if not, you are definitely a person who cherishes simplicity in all facets of life, but who nevertheless adheres to strong moral principles. People who frequently fly with Hawaiian Airlines do so because of its long history of being dependable, reasonably priced, and safe for its many repeat passengers.


People who fly Icelandair pride themselves on being unconventional and cool, and this is the main driving factor for this peculiar airline choice. Small airports and a chance to see the Northern Lights are some of the top perks of flying with Icelandair. 

Air France

We might have saved the best for last on purpose. Air France passengers are the cream of the crop, they often have international flights to catch and have quite a busy schedule so they only pay for the best because they can afford to. And truly, Air France does not disappoint, numbers do not lie as they say. At the Skytrax World Airline Awards in 2021, Air France came out on top in Europe, Western Europe and France, beating out airlines such as Lufthansa and British Airways. The airline also placed 10th best airline in the world and was the only European airline in the top 10! This comes as no surprise seeing as the airline constantly records great reviews in categories such as comfort, reliability, and customer service.

Being able to provide the service of transporting passengers safely from one destination to another is no easy feat. People’s experiences when flying with select airlines are very subjective. As such, everyone is encouraged to come to their own conclusions after experiencing the airlines for themselves. But we hope you had some fun reading the insights provided in this article. Now you can see why you might prefer a certain airline.

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