Tips for Solo Travelers

Solo traveling can be fun! 

Whether you’re going on a soul-searching trip, need some time away from your life, or just want to experience new things alone, solo travel has a lot of upsides. 

Solo travel offers a room to experience boundless independence, freedom, and unforgettable adventures. Of course, it can be daunting, too, especially if you are introverted or used to traveling in a group. But, it is an exciting and eye-opening experience. Here are some tips to ensure your solo trip goes well. 

1: Lodge Somewhere With Positive Ratings

Accommodation is one of the most important things to consider when traveling solo. Traveling alone can make you vulnerable, so you need to do your research and ensure you lodge in a hotel, Airbnb, or hostel with positive reviews from previous guests. 

2. Go With a Tour

A great way to make your trip more fun is to find a local guide or tour that can show you around. An organized tour it’s also safer and allows you to meet new people. 

3. Pack Light 

An important thing to remember as a solo traveler is not to pack more than you can carry. Packing heavy luggage can be stressful as you get in and out of airports, trains, or buses. You will be by yourself and you need to be able to move your bags on your own. So, pack light and only include basic things you will need for your vacation. 

4. Research and Plan 

Before you go on international travel, ensure you do your homework to avoid stress. Have some things mapped out, research the area, and find information about the local culture/customs to ensure you fit in and keep yourself out of trouble. For example, some destinations have certain clothing expectations, so in a case like this, it’s a good idea to dress apropiately.

Also, research for places, sites, and events you can add to your travel itineraries. Planning before going on an international trip makes it easy to wing your trip and find things that will appeal to you while you are there. Also, if possible, buy transportation tickets in advance, book a reservation in restaurants or sites you want to visit, and book your accommodation before you arrive. 

5. Know Your Budget

A vital step involved in going on a solo trip is planning a budget. It isn’t great to go on a trip and get stranded or unable to explore the places on your travel itineraries. Take time to think about what you want from the trip and how much it will cost you to enjoy your vacation. 

6. Make an Effort To Meet New People 

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely during your vacation. An excellent tip to enjoying your trip is making an effort to meet new people: strike up conversations with the locals, attend local events, make new friends and hang out with other travelers like you. 

Also, you can try learning a few words in the local language to make it easy to communicate and blend in with the locals. You will find many people wanting to talk to you or offer advice if you can say something in their local language. 

7. Seek Advice

As a solo traveler, the best way to enjoy your trip is by seeking advice from locals and other travelers. Ask around for the best places to visit, the best food to try, and other adventures that will enrich your trip. Also, be flexible with your travel itineraries so you can have more time to explore other suggestions outside your schedule. 

8. Don’t Forget To Document 

Solo travel can be pretty personal, making it a great time to document your experience. Of course, taking pictures alone can seem a little bit awkward, but most people don’t notice or even care. You could also get yourself a tripod if finding people to take photos of you would be difficult.

9. Eat Alone and Enjoy It

Solo travelers will tell you that one of the most challenging parts of traveling alone is going out for dinners and eating alone. Going to a restaurant alone can feel awkward, and you may be tempted to live on fast food. However, fancy restaurants aren’t designed just for those with partners but also for solo diners. If you are worried about looking out of place, you can consider visiting a cafe or community bar.

10. Take Your Time

The great thing about traveling alone is that you can work with your itinerary within your own time. You can stay 2 hours in a museum without anyone rushing you to the beach or a restaurant. So take your time to explore places, take in the environment, and really enjoy your trip. 

11. Keep Your Phone Charged

Ensure you keep your phone charged at all times to keep your family updated about your whereabouts and travel itineraries. You can also use apps like Find My Friend to keep people at home updated about your location. 

12. Have Local Numbers

Another way to ensure your safety is to have local help numbers such as police in case you are in any emergency or awkward situations. 

13. Be Street Smart

Travelers are often more vulnerable to pickpocketing, especially if they are alone. So, always be alert, appear confident, walk like you know where you are going and if you lose your way, be careful who you ask for directions.

14. Buy Travel Insurance

Traveling alone means planning ahead for an emergency, which is why it’s best to get travel insurance, especially when it’s an international trip. Travel insurance will protect you during an emergency and make it easy to claim expenses back in cases of travel cancellation or loss of property. 

15. Pick Your Destination Carefully

Picking the right travel destination can greatly impact your vacation experience. Some destinations are safer and better suited for solo travelers than others. So, while planning an international trip, try to look for safe areas for solo travelers. 

16. Try New Things

Traveling alone can feel daunting, and you may think of retreating into yourself or staying indoors all day. Don’t hesitate to try out new things and go on adventures you haven’t tried before. 

Bottom Line

It’s easy to be overwhelmed or anxious about traveling alone, but solo traveling means having a chance to enjoy yourself and experience dauntless adventures. The tips we shared in this guide are a great place to ensure you enjoy your solo trip.

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