Top places for Bachelorette/Bachelor party this year

It is customary to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party before the marriage ceremony. Bachelor/bachelorette parties are a fun way to celebrate with your friends and make lasting memories before the big day. 

There are different ideas to celebrate a bachelorette party, but there is nothing quite like traveling with your friends to a new location. We’ve rounded up the best destinations for bachelorette/bachelor parties this year: 

1: Las Vegas

You know the party will be fun if it’s happening in Las Vegas! No matter what you want for your bachelor party, there is always something for you in Las Vegas. From the excellent restaurants to the amazing casinos and incredible nightlife, best believe you will have the time of your life here. 

A great bachelor party idea in Las Vegas is going to a pool party. Many hotels and resorts have stunning pools perfect for soaking up the sunshine and water. You can also hit a casino, go to a nightclub or try out the fantastic restaurants. One of the must-visit sites in Las Vegas if you are in for fun is the Las Vegas Strip. On this street, you will find hotel-casinos, strip clubs, bars, restaurants, and venues for music, dance, and comedy. 

2. Rhode Island

Grab your besties and head over to Rhode Island for a fantastic time. Some of the best destinations in Rhode Island include Newport, Bristol, Cumberland, and Block Island. No matter the destination you and your friends go to, expect a lot of exciting activities in Rhode Island. 

Some fun ideas for your party include taking surf lessons, sipping drinks at a bar, or even going on a food tour because Rhode Island has an impressive culinary scene. Also, if you happen to be in Newport, check out the hiking trails, the beach, the casinos, and eat your way through the delicious seafood. 

3. Barcelona

If you are looking for the best place for a bachelorette or party, make some travel plans to Barcelona! This European city is not only affordable but also unique. There are great bars, fun clubs, restaurants, and must-see attractions. If you want a fun party, the nightclubs in Barcelona are worth a try. You can also go on a wine tour to enjoy the best Spanish wine with your friends. 

Other fun ideas include going on a sailing cruise, singing at a Karaoke spot, and, our favorite, having a wild unforgettable party at The George Payne Irish Pub. 

4. Jamaica

Jamaica has the atmosphere, the vibe, and the energy that is just right for a bachelorette/bachelor party. There are many things to do in Jamaica for your bachelor party; go on a farm tour, book a yoga retreat, and visit the Appleton Rum tasting room. 

If you want more energetic outdoor activities, consider scuba diving at Montego Bay, enjoying a Catamaran cruise, or riding the river’s rapids of a mountain valley. Or, you can celebrate by trying out Jamaica’s best and most beloved restaurants and bars. 

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a great location for brides or grooms who want pool parties, fun brunches, and outdoor activities. This city also has everything a good party needs; diverse culinary options, great nightlife, beaches, and lots of sunshine. 

While you are here, you and your friends can sip some wine in Malibu, go shopping, and take a walk on the Ocean Front Walk. 

6. Turks and Caicos

If you want a more relaxed party, Turks and Caicos will work perfectly for you. There are stunning white sand beaches, a lot of exquisite resorts, and magnificent waters with a display of vibrant blues. If your friends are sporty, add Provo Golf Club to your itinerary and enjoy the golf course. 

7. Paris

Paris is a perfect city for everything; proposals, honeymoons, destination weddings, and even bachelorette parties! There are many party ideas in Paris, depending on what you and your crew prefer. You can head to Le Madam, one of the best Paris nightclubs to move your body all night, self-drive an electric boat at Marin d’eau douce, or go to HintHunt for a live escape game with your friends. 

If your friends are on the sporty side, we recommend the Bowling Mouffetard, an excellent spot for bowling fans, or Battlekart, where you can challenge your friends to a fast-and-furious style ride. You can also enjoy your bachelor/bachelorette party by eating at one of the many sophisticated bistros and restaurants. 

8. Miami

Miami is vibrant, fun, and lively; a perfect destination for any party. This location is renowned for fun, so there are many party ideas you can bring to live here. You can rent a luxury apartment to accommodate your besties, rent a mega yacht or go on boat rides. 

Also, the nightlife, beach clubs, and pool parties are fantastic! Dress up with your friends and head to Fontainebleau, a luxury hotel with a nightclub, adults-only pool, and beach views. 

9. Palms Springs, California

Do you prefer a laid-back yet luxurious party? Palms Springs is an excellent location for that. This lively desert oasis boasts stunning natural beauty, and touring the area should be part of a bachelorette travel itinerary. 

Take a scenic hike, visit the galleries/design shops and go to the national park to explore the outdoors. And, when it’s time to chill, go to a spa for a massage treatment and sip some margaritas at the restaurants. There are also quite a number of resorts where you can have pool parties and scintillating spa treatments. 

10. Napa Valley

One of the first things that should be on travel itineraries when planning a trip to Napa Valley is, of course, Wine! Explore the Napa Valley Wineries to taste and drink exotic wines in the area. 

Also, you can treat your girls to a spa day with massages and mud baths or take the boys to spend the day golfing, hiking, or kayaking. If you prefer a more casual hangout, you and your gang should go on a picnic or a summer concert with live music, cocktails, and food. 

The last moments of singledom are worth celebrating in the best ways. There are many destinations for bachelor/bachelorette parties, and all are great, depending on what you want. Want a night of party and dance? Vegas has it! Dream of wine tasting? Try Napa Valleys! Prefer a beach party? Go to the Caribbean! 

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