The Best Date Night Spots in LA

Whether you’re going for the first or the 99th date, there is no shortage of options for a date night in LA. From stunning views to great food and romantic spaces; here are some of the best LA spots to go on a date night: 

Cobras & Matadors

Located near the farmers market, Cobras & Matadors is a perfect restaurant where Spain meets Los Angeles. This lively Spanish bistro has everything that makes a date night perfect; a romantic atmosphere, rustic dining setting, and a menu filled with decadent dishes.  

You can indulge in the tapas-centric menu of traditional Spanish favorites like buttery gambas al ajillo, maitake mushrooms, and steaks. Although finding a parking spot can be tricky in Farmers Market, Cobras & Matadors make things easy with their valet service. So, go have fun and enjoy good food with your date. 

Take a Ride on the Echo Park Swan Boats

Echo Park is a historical reserve that boasts incredible scenery, including lush greenery, lotus flower beds, and the swans that dance across the dark waters. There are so many things to do here, and if you want a busy date night full of fun activities, you should definitely be here. You can have a picnic on the perfect grass, join the hipster crowd to enjoy wine and fish from nearby Tilda, or, the best, ride on the iconic Swan pedal boats. Also, you can enjoy other activities here, including strolling around the park, doing some fishing, or feeding the ducks and turtles.

LA Cha Cha Cha

LA Cha Cha Cha is something out of Mexico City but in the Arts District. The aesthetic of this restaurant is really cool, with the fanned palms, cacti-line patio, and cozy booth seating. You and your date can enjoy great snacks like tacos, bluefin tuna tostadas, and shrimp ceviche while taking in the gorgeous view of the city skylines. They also have a divine seafood menu, many signature tequila cocktails, and delicious dishes like strip steak with charred tomato and cactus drizzled with a red wine salsa. 

Griffith Observatory 

A date night at Griffith Observatory is a perfect opportunity for you and your date to get a look at the 3D cosmos and travel to infinity. Visitors are also treated to the breathtaking views of the city, which is even more stunning when you go in the evening. Other things you can do here include exploring the art exhibits, watching live shows in Samuel Oschin Planetarium, and enjoying the views of LA and the Hollywood sign. You can also go to the park’s hiking trail to get a little active with your date. 

Geoffrey’s Malibu

This Malibu restaurant offers a space to enjoy a great meal and a breathtaking sunset view right at the Pacific’s edge. The magnificent views, waterfalls, and tropical plants create a romantic atmosphere perfect for getting to know someone. On the menu, you will find a lot of California-style cuisines and seafood, and steak options which you can enjoy while watching dolphins and whales showcase their water displays. You can sit right on the patio to take in the breathtaking view while enjoying your drink or stay indoors, where every seat offers panoramic views of the sea. 

Nobu Malibu

Nobu Malibu beachfront restaurant is known for its beautiful Pacific Ocean views and sophisticated dishes. You can enjoy meals of seafood or signature bites while listening to the waves crashing down below. The menu of this beach house restaurant is also as exciting as its good-looks reputation; you can pick from the Peruvian-inflected dishes or signature bites like tacos and sashimi. 


Firefly is like a secret love garden with walls tangled with ivy, a firelit patio decorated in candles, and a library-like bar that exudes romantic vibes. This fine restaurant offers modern American cuisine with options like veal meatballs in tomato sauce, fried Manzanilla olives, salsa verde, and roasted monkfish. The massive heated patio in this restaurant feels like something out of a European vacation, and we recommend you make reservations before heading here. 


The restaurant’s name already gives away the reason it’s on the list of places to celebrate love. Aside from the name, Soulmate has a very romantic space perfect for getting to know your date. The candlelit tables, the soft lighting, and the plush seating make the space even more intimate. And, they have great tasty food too. They serve dishes with Spanish-Mediterranean influence and signature dishes like Paella and Salmon Crudo. If you happen to be here on Valentine’s day, you will enjoy a menu of six courses with dishes like Uni Toast with rock shrimp, Arroz Cremoso with Maine Lobster, Avocado mousse, jalapeno, and so on. 

71 Above

Located on the 71st floor of the First Interstate building, 71 Above is one of the best destinations in Downtown Los Angeles. This fine restaurant treats you to incredible views of Downtown Angeles and a romantic atmosphere that will rekindle your love affair. The menu is impressive, too, with options like poached oysters, steak tartare, and agnolotti. You can also go to the bar for excellent drinks and get a window seat directly facing the stunning sunset views. 

Have Fun in Hollywood

Hollywood is known for many things, including the entertainment industry, the great spots, and the nightlife. If you are around Hollywood, you can treat your date to an unforgettable experience. Some date ideas include having a great meal at Yamashiro Hollywood, a restaurant with great garden views, ambient pathways, and impressive California/Asia food. You can also try out other restaurants like Mama Shelter, Mother Wolf, Providence, and Saffy’s.

If you want something casual, head to Hollywood Bowl to enjoy a picnic under the stars. We recommend you bring a sweater or blanket along because it can get really cold here in Hollywood Hills at night. Another date night option is seeing a show with your partner at Pantages Theatre, it’s a big Broadway production like Hamilton, and you will surely enjoy whatever is playing there. 

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic who wants to impress his date or want to treat your lover to a great experience, you will find a lot of options in LA. The date night options on this list are great spots to have the best date experience in Los Angeles.

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