Where to Honeymoon this Winter

Although many couples prefer a tropical honeymoon, there is nothing like a romantic snowy getaway. Here’s our roundup of the best honeymoon destinations for couples this winter. 


If you want some winter sun, a relaxing beach vacation, and access to some of the best honeymoon romantic resorts, we recommend making travel plans to Dubai. There are many things to do for your honeymoon here; you can go shopping at high-end stores, explore the area’s cultural traditions, and enjoy dining in the desert. You can also soak in the views of popular tourist sites like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Desert, Dubai Mountain, and the Gold Souk. 

For winter and outdoor adventures, there are opportunities to ski, snowboard, surf, go on a boat ride, take a hot air balloon ride and view marine creatures at the aquarium. If you want to splurge, we recommend booking a yacht tour to take in the stunning beauty of the Arabian Gulf. 

Aspen, Colorado

Looking for adventure, fun, and a lot of snow? Make your way to the beautiful town of Aspen to ski on the amazing slopes, enjoy candle-lit dinners, and lodge in one of the high-end resorts. One of the things that should be on your travel itinerary while you are here is skiing and snowboarding. A trip to Aspen in winter isn’t complete without scoring your first track at a ski-out resort or gliding through the iconic Aspen’s powder. 

Kauai, Hawaii 

There are so many honeymoon-worthy spots and resorts in the Hawaiian Islands, so couples will enjoy a great time here. One of our favorite recommendations for a honeymoon in Hawaii is Kauai, a tropical oasis with soft sand beaches, lush rainforest, turquoise waters, and stunning mountains. Newlyweds will enjoy the high-end honeymoon resorts, the opportunity to view the island by helicopter, and hike along the Napali coast. Rafting is another great activity to enjoy while on this island.

If you travel around January or February, consider adding the Waimea Town Celebration to your travel itineraries. This festival lasts ten days and celebrates Hawaiian culture through dance, music, food, and more. 


The Maldives is a paradise for a honeymoon getaway, especially in winter. The coral reefs, the sandy white beaches, and the palm trees make the ideal setting for a honeymoon. And not to mention that there are many things couples can do for fun in this island country. You can lodge in a resort, enjoy a luxurious dining experience, go snorkeling and have a relaxing spa treatment. The Maldives also offers opportunities to go on a whale shark tour, swim with manta rays, and enjoy a Catamaran cruise. 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A great destination for a winter honeymoon is Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Here, you will find two national parks, a ski resort, and many great restaurants. If you come here around December, you will find the area covered in thick snow, perfect for adventurous couples who want to ski, snowboard, dog sled, or snowshoe. Couples can also go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride in National Elk Refuge, snowshoe in the Grand Teton National Park, and soak in the natural Granite Hot Springs. There are also opportunities for fly fishing, snowmobiling, and watching beautiful wildlife. 

Winter is the slow season in Jackson Hole, so this means you newlyweds will enjoy affordable rates, cheaper dining, and the opportunity to enjoy fun activities without the crowd. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is just a perfect honeymoon paradise for couples who want an idyllic and laid-back experience. As one of the most popular destinations in Greece, there are many things you can do in Santorini. Indulge in the rich Greek food, revel in the stunning sunsets, visit the wineries, and relax on the red and black sandy beaches.  You can also climb up to Skaros Rock, visit Akrotiri lighthouse, hike the Caldera trail, and stroll along the Perissa beach. 

St Moritz, Switzerland

St Moritz is a perfect honeymoon destination where couples can enjoy great activities like skiing, ice skating, and touring the city on a scenic train ride. Luxury shoppers will also enjoy strolling the shopping streets, and food lovers will enjoy indulging in fine cuisines. 

In winter, this Alpine paradise boasts white powdery scenery and a unique outdoor playground for winter sports like skiing, winter riding, mountain biking, and paragliding. We recommend you visit the Lake of St. Moritz, which is usually frozen in winter and perfect for playing polo and horse racing. 

For a more intimate activity, enjoy a great meal at one of the luxurious restaurants and stop at a Jazz club to have a few drinks with your partner while enjoying beautiful music. 

Lapland, Finland

Known for its beautiful snowy landscapes, innumerable adventures, and stunning tourist sites, Lapland makes a great place to spend your honeymoon. If you plan your trip around December, you will enjoy the winter fairy tale tour, where you can explore Santa’s village and meet the reindeer. You can also enjoy rides across the snow, an ice-breaking cruise, and, if lucky, catch a sight of the Northern Lights. While you are here, stop at Rauna Zoo, where you will find over 50 arctic species, including polar bears, wolves, and deer. 

Serengeti, Tanzania

If you want a safari honeymoon getaway, take a trip down to the Serengeti in Tanzania for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will get to wake up to giraffes outside your window, stroll the dazzling beaches and witness the stunning natural spectacle at Serengeti National Park. This East African country also boasts jaw-dropping architecture, snow-capped mountains, and a rich cultural history you can’t learn on one visit. 

January is a great time to visit Tanzania for a vacation, as this is when the migration is in full flow. Also, this country sees fewer tourists this time of the year, so you and your partner can enjoy your honeymoon experience without the crowds. 

Barcelona, Spain

With exotic spas, Michelin-star restaurants, and stunning cultural attractions, this Spanish city is a great destination to celebrate new love and romance. There are a lot of fun and romantic activities couples can do together, including sampling the city’s best wine, touring the Cathedral in Barcelona, and strolling through the fine museums and streets filled with beautiful architecture. 

You can also get lost in boutiques and antique stores and explore the numerous attractions sites for honeymooners. This includes Park Guell, Montserrat, and La Barceloneta Beach.

Bottom Line

What better way to celebrate your love than experiencing the magic of winter in a new city or country? Be sure to pack your coats and woolies to prepare for an adventure of a lifetime in any of the winter destinations on this list. 

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